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Introducing Data Agent’s Form PF

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The SEC’s Form PF is a new complex financial reporting form required to be filed by SEC registered investment advisers with over $150 million in gross private fund assets under management (“AUM”), either annually or quarterly, depending on the size and type of private fund adviser. The compliance phase-in starts as early as June 15th, 2012. Form PF will require the adviser to report on a wide range of data including strategy, asset classes, VaR, beneficial ownership, counterparty credit exposure, leverage, performance, ASC 820 Levels, and much more! See Data Agent’s Form PF White Paper for more detail.

Why work with us for your Form PF needs?

We take the hassle out of the process – At Data Agent we are experts in Data Management which simply means we can easily extract and load investment data from fund administrators, accounting systems, prime brokers and the investment adviser’s internal systems. Since 2003, Data Agent has been providing state of the art data ETL services to major global investment advisers.

Form PF

We provide web based collaboration – Regardless of whether you manage 1 Reporting Fund or 400 you will need to involve your internal and external regulatory support team to complete Form PF. With our share feature you have the ability to work collaboratively on any question on any fund with anyone on your team.

We provide web based workflow environment – The more funds you have the more time it will take to coordinate completion of all of the questions and sections for each Reporting fund. Data Agent provides a process for signoff from the individual question to each section to each fund. Our fund dashboards keep track of your progress as you work through the approval process on each section.

Form PF

We make data audits easy – Our Form PF product includes a full set of easily retrieving Excel spreadsheets which provide all of the underlying data inputs that support each question in Form PF. Additionally, we provide an Audit Trail for all of the manual changes made on Form PF for each Fund.

E-Filing - Once completed, we give you the ability to automatically file your Form PF to FINRA in our E-File section.

Form PF

Unparalleled Support – From implementation through each filing Data Agent provides market leading customer support with predefined SLA’s designed to support your organization during and after the filing process.

Simple Pricing Model – Since we are leaders in data loading, mapping and integration we can provide an extremely cost effective solution with the lowest integration cost in the market. Additionally, there are no AUM fees for using our service just a simple flat rate per filing fee.

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Summary of Key Benefits:

  • Data Analytics: All of the required Form PF calculations are performed.
  • Form PF Reporting: A secure, web based Form PF front-end is populated with your imported data, including the following features:
  • Clear Layout: The web-based Form organized by Form PF sections and sub-sections.
  • Validation: The application includes a series of alerts, checks, validations and approval procedures.
  • Flexibility: The adviser has the ability to make topside adjustments to the Form.
  • Audit Trail: An audit trail is provided for all changes made, including a record of the original entry, the override, the editor, and date.
  • Collaboration: A share function is provided, allowing the user to send a portion of the Form for review or completion by an employee or other advisor.
  • File Form PF Electronically: Directly with the IARD without the risk of error of manually entry.

Why use Data Agent for your Form PF Reporting?

  • Security: Maintain the confidentiality of your data in our secure, encrypted SAS 70 environment, or host the service on your network.
  • Accuracy & Efficiency: Don’t spend countless hours attempting to cobble together multiple spreadsheets or risk key punch errors.
  • Experience and Quality: Data Agent is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with top name institutional clients.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Built from an existing reporting platform allowing for cost-effective use.

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