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Intelligent Data Management

Data Agent’s Data Mart delivers the real-time data management capabilities required by investment managers. Data Mart’s capabilities include reference data, pricing and valuation tools, portfolio management, real-time P&L, portfolio accounting, performance management, and complex report packages for board and client reporting. The Data Mart simplifies the real-time management of complex instruments, investment strategies, and compliance and reporting requirements.

Customized Data Store to Support your Business Intelligence

Data Mart is a comprehensive investment management data solution and utility for accounting, trading, reference, and market data, including asset descriptive data, pricing, corporate actions, terms and conditions, counterparty/legal entities, issuers, security lending, and indices. Data Mart supports the inherent recursive data structure of many derivative instruments (CDS, IRS, CDO, CDO-2, etc.).

  • Counterparty exposure is provided across all securities (stocks, bonds, loans, SIV, etc.) to a specific issuer, servicer, or insurer and to all of its subsidiaries, etc.
  • The Data Agent security master model includes an extensive set of entities to keep individual legs of an instrument or to aggregate them to more complex instruments such as contracts, pools, strategies, and other security aggregation requirements.

Data Mart handles complex financial business rules such as position adjustments, contracts, hedge strategies, multiple cost bases, and multiple accounting bases, as well as complex derivative products. Data Mart has built-in meta and business rules, making it easy to add new data entities and attributes and to adapt to new security instruments without changing current reports.

Data Structure

Data Agent’s recursive data structure efficiently manages large complex hierarchal sets of financial data. Data Mart can handle standard investment instruments plus complex derivatives such as private equities, loans, repos, buy-backs, swaps, interbased swaps, warrants, embedded options, CDS’s, CDO’s, CDO-squared, private placements, and other OTC instruments.

Data Mart’s multi-tiered decision-support model blends historical data warehousing and operational data, allowing organizations to achieve the long-term benefits promised by data warehousing without compromising the immediate business requirements of data-hungry knowledge workers. This hybrid approach can lower operating costs associated with legacy systems used for decision support.

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We are excited to announce that as of September 9, 2013 Data Agent has been acquired by Confluence, a leading provider of solutions that take the risk out of fund administration.

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